About us!

Who is Startmytraing.com?

We are a company based in the north west of England, Who travel all over Europe to training people in a verious fields and career paths

Why chose us?

That is the million dollar question. There are serval ways to look at training. 1, I have to train my staff because its law. Thats true and fine that’s what laws are there for. or 2, I want my staff to be the best so I can get more out of them!

How can you get more out of them? less damage less time spent guessing more time reacting and getting the job done right first time!

In the transport and recovery industry damage costs the industry millions of pounds every every, accidents happen but WE CAN reduce them!

Safety, To be honest and upfront injured staff don’t work as well as healthy staff, Not to mention the costs of a accident claim! As for most of us its the moral standards that knowing all your staff are safe gives us the pice of mind to sleep well.

Disabilities, is a fact of life that some people need extra or varied support through out there training, With this being close to us we will always do anything we can to help. We can adapt courses or help find soultions to make as many job available to as many people regardless of any extra support they need.

First aid is a must not just for company’s but for everyone, We can cattier for a wide range of needs including our 4 legged friends not just cats and dogs but a huge range of animal first aid to help you help them!

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