First Aid!

First aid! this is not just another course this is a genuine life saving skill, friends family anyone in destress You could help!

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HSE State that every business no matter how low risk should have at least one person trained in First Aid. The higher the risk, The more first aiders needed. Remember as a employer you have amarol responsibility as well as a legal responsibility.

For example you will need more first aiders in the forestry industry then you will in a library.

General work FAW

Sports: Are you a coach or involved in sports team? This is the course for you!

Drivers: HGV driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the uk! FIrst aid is a must, whether it for one of your collages a follow trucker or a accident you witness whilst out on the road!

Pediatric: if you have kids, work with them or just want to be prepared. This course can help you achive your First aid goals.

Forestry: This course is designed around this indusrty with It unique risks.

Outdoor pursuits: your in the middle of no where, nothing but green filds for miles. something gose wrong helps a hour away. Learn the skills to save a life when your the only one that can help!

Cyclist: With even the best cyclist taking a fall, Being a cycslist first aider means your group can venture out to those lands with wide open roads.

Martial arts

Fitness and Dance

Nannies and au pairs 

School First Aid

Health care workers 


Over 50s 

AED Awareness

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